This Wiki is about the book series by Tui T. Sutherland about a complicated, yet simple, world of Dragons. Some Jammers can only find Warriors roleplays and feel left out when they are the only sophisticated dragon roleplayer there. Come one, co

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me all, to Animal Jam Wings of Fire Wiki! You can create your own tribes or societies (like Talons of Peace) and rule them however you want (of course following wiki rules)!


Wings of Fire is by Tui T. Sutherland and is about seven dragon tribes, the Nightwings, Mudwings, Rainwings, Seawings, Skywings, Sandwings, and Icewings, all of them fighting for who will be the next Sandwing Queen after Queen Oasis is somehow killed by scavengers, leaving her three daughters, Burn, Blister, and Blaze, to fight for who will be queen. Instantly, the Nightwings came with a prophecy saying that five dragonets will choose the queen. What will happen? Which sister will win? More importantly, will the five dragonets Survive?


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